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Things to do in Sussex

Based in the south east England this beautiful location has many things to do from outdoor activities perfect for family holidays as there will be something to do for the whole family. Hopefully you will like some of these great ideas and be able to use it to have a fun day out. Sussex is also subject to a lot of royal visits as the royal family have a deep-rooted connection to this place. Each section of Sussex has its own character but people mostly visit West Sussex, the South east or South downs . Whether you are visiting the countryside to walk and explore or attending one of the many events that takes place Sussex is the perfect place to head to.

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Drusillas Park is perfect for the kids as the zoo is a major attraction and within its grounds has different places to explore. Unlike other Zoos it has a playground area perfect for the kids. The Park is equipped with rides that all can go on but is of course children orientated as there is so many things to do. The zoo has walk through exhibits where you can get to see the best small zoo as they break it down into different exhibitions where you can get a up close view with the animals they have on the grounds. Zoos are made more memorable by there I house events, whether it be feeding the elephant or tours around the facility which will save you time having to search for what you want. For the best time in the park, I recommend you book these in advance.

Beaches and Attractions

Probably the most famous beach in Sussex would be Brighton beach based in East Sussex Brighton beach is known for its activities on the pier which is great for the family. While in this section of Brighton you will find there are restaurants around the beach to get some food and some get inspiration from the area, so you know you are in for some good fish and chips. This is what helps make Brighton a must visit area in Sussex and often a holiday destination for people all over the England including people from London. 

The pier itself is fun to explore as there is rides and games for the kids to participate within. The perfect family day out can be achieved here as there is always something new to discover in the area. Beachy head is another attraction that has beautiful scenery which will make you search for the perfect place to take a photo.Brighton is also home to some beautiful castles called the Royal Pavilion. It has a great history and takes inspiration from India. The garden is one of the few full restored gardens in the country. To stick with the history of the building they have managed to get the original list of plants planted in the Garden.

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Another one of the many things to do in Sussex is the famous beach is the Bognor Regis which can also be found in West Sussex. The Sussex coast as a whole is great with attractions as the calm sea makes for a great day, not too far from London is also what makes this beach popular. The area of Bognor Regis also has Harbour Park where children could play or for indoor activities Arun leisure centre offers local swimming and soft play. If you are interested in crazy golf, then Bognor Regis also has this in store for you. They often have themes events to make the experience more enjoyable and is definitely a good place to visit.


The beautiful and historic town of Rye is known for its cobbled streets, and it’s amazing, varied art gallery and its art collection as well as the cosy pubs and modern boutique hotel. Also let’s not forget one of the most remembered and influential times of British History, The Battle of Hasting in 1066. If heritage is your thing then we definitely recommend pay a visit to Rye Heritage Centre. You will be thrilled to enjoy 700 years’ worth of Rye History.

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Other castles in Sussex follow the same trends on trying their best to capture the history it has to offer. None does this better then where the battle of Hastings took place. where this could be fun, they recreated the battle of Hastings where you can dress up head to toe just like the battle back in the day. This is one of the unique things to do in Sussex. If we take trip to the west, then Arundel castle is another attraction famous for a robbery when the castle was raided. To this day many people still come to see Arundel castle not just for the historic elements but also how well kept the castles are. The gardens are one of the best in the west and also along with other buildings in the west it has been restored so you can fully appreciate its beauty as you would many years ago. Ashdown Forest is a large park area with multiple activities. You can search for deer or if you have kids you can search for Winnie the Pooh’s house if taking route B around the park. This forest has a lot to offer for the space it has and also allows advance bookings to avoid disappointment.

When In Sussex

It’s hard not to fall in love with the breath-taking views of Sussex downs. Vineyards in the heart of Sussex country offer an intriguing combination of beautiful landscapes & award-winning wines. Wines that you can take one of our beautiful Sussex girls to taste with you.

Not too far away you also have Newhaven Fort, this is a Palmerston fort built in the 19th century. The purpose of this was to defend the harbour of Newhaven, although let’s not forget about the beautiful chalk cliffs that show off the views of South Downs and Sussex Coastline. It is now a museum and one of many things to explore when you visit Sussex. most of these are based in the countryside and the South Downs have beautiful scenery.

Billy Butlin

Have you ever heard of Billy Butlin? probably not but you’ve most definitely heard of Butlins. Well, Billy also known as Sir William Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin, was originally from South Africa. Long story short: He owned Butlins! 

Butlins is large chain of sea side resorts in the UK and the aim was to provide affordable holidays for ordinary families. Ten camps were open 1936 and 1966 including Ireland and even one in Bahamas. Butlins has quickly become a favourite amongst kids with hundreds of fun activities to keep them entertained and to give the parents a break.

West Sussex

West Sussex is famous for its beautiful coast. Take a stroll along The Witterings’ sandy beaches or enjoy a classic family day at the seaside. With 50 miles of coastline to explore, it’s time to experience a breath of fresh air. West Sussex boasts fifty miles of coastline, discover the amazing gems of the West Sussex coast. Discover the charm of the beautiful small town of Worthing, Littlehampton and Bognor Regis. There is so much to do here, and this beautiful coast line is perfect visit for a romantic stroll with our Sussex Escort or for a relaxed weekend away with the kids. Once the day is done a good meal is most definitely well-deserved and West Sussex does not disappoint, with countless sea food menus to excite your taste buds and beautiful waterfront restaurants, bistros and pubs. With so many options it’s hard to not feel fulfilled.

There is so much to do on your next visit to the coast of West Sussex, and whilst it’s hard to imagine anything other than coastline, West Sussex also boasts a lively and amazing town(s) that are always busy with the bustle of tourists and its very own residents. If you are looking for culture you will not be disappointed with all the events each little town has. With so much culture burning at the seams it’s hard to remember we are still in England.

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East Sussex

Places like Brighton and Hastings are so popular that we often forget there is a whole county with beautiful little towns. East Sussex is in south east England, on the English Channel. East Sussex offers countryside and coastline and will you have spoilt for choice. When in East Sussex we recommend you visit the Old Town Hastings and save lunch or dinner for then as the amazing old fashioned pubs will take you back into old England.This county has so much to offer for couples and families and most importantly it is kids friendly. Whether you visit the seaside or countryside the chances of you having an amazing time are very high!