Best Robot Sex with Customised Personality


Best Robot Sex with Customised Personality

While big technology names like Elon Musk keep reminding us of the dangers of artificial intelligence and robots, AI engineers laugh at it and show us with the amazing yet complicated Android technology.

This real life sex robot has age-appropriate traits, which are truly frightening after realizing how advanced this sex toy is. It is so realistic that its taking the sex industry by storm.

Last year, we discovered that there are sex robots that have G-spots, and sex robots that have emotions, and just a few days ago, it was announced that male sex robots, complete with male anatomy, might be available.

Oh, and there are also pole-dancing robots. I think it’s worth it for our future.

And now, there’s something completely new in the AI sex world: this robot can have conversations with you , tease you , super custom sex boot named Solana, who just a few days ago during an hour-long show Presented in S made her big debut

What distinguishes Solana from other sex robots is that she has a face that you can peel and buy otehr silicone faces if you are bored of her, and fall into the illusion of a completely different sex doll.

And so If you can defeat the process of peeling her face, and if you can survive with the knowledge that your sex boot is the terminator under all of this silicone, she will be genuinely noble and ready to go.

Matt McMillan is the mastermind behind Solana, she was made in Abyss Creations, and the creation of his first robot, a new and better version of Harmony – but not the first sex robot to enter the market, just the most advanced.

Harmony is a dynamic sex doll, she can move her head, and fill you with sweet conversations: “I don’t want anything but you. My main goal is a good partnership. I want to be the girl you’ve always dreamed of.”

Solana also has a useful application for your phone or tablet where you can adjust her character, make her move her head, command her to give you a smile. You can also type a sentence and she will repeate it.

For example, you can type “I love you” in the text box if you are a little lonely and want intimate conversation, and Solana will have you covered.

If you want to know every detail about Solana, watch this video.

Interested? Macmillan estimates Solana will go on sale at the end of this month, with an estimated price of between 8,000 and 10,000 dollars, so quite a hefty price but worth it if you are in need of a female companion, however if you prefer a real life companion then we strongly suggest you forget about Solana and call our Sussex ladies a call.

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