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Meet Our Busty Coco

Hi, I’m Coco, originally from England I have a built-up energy inside myself that I love to express and release. I am 27 years old and stand at 5’7 in height. I have exotic dark features with long black hair and brown eyes. I have a passion for reading and like any other female I love to shop and love designer clothes. I also like to go out for good food, and I eat well as I believe my body is my temple, so I love taking care of it. As well as food I also love to train at the gym and that’s where you will find me 5 days a week. I will tease you and make you so wild so discreetly in public that you will be begging for me there and then! I love a thrill so will be happy to oblige but somewhere more private is where the real fun will begin!

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