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A Intro From Our Escort Amba

I have a sweet innocent face and my black hair and dark brown eyes masks the inner freak that is waiting to burst out, I’m sure you have something inside you that I can help burst out and I will be more than happy to do so. While in Sussex I am the perfect girl to spend your evening with. I get compliments both on my 36C breast and my nice round ass when I dress up as I like to show them off. As nice as those compliments are, I personally think they look better when they are bouncing on top of someone. As you can tell I have a dirty mind but that’s what makes me so interesting. Can can have deep conversations if you like as I am well educated, or you can just get deep in general. I’m 5ft 5 and ready to have as much fun as you are willing to have so let’s not waste any more time just get in contact. Book me if your looking for some fun with a Sussex Escort!!

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