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They say gentlemen prefer blondes, but what’s wrong with brunettes? These brunette escorts are just as hot and just as accommodating as the blondes. We suppose that it’s because blondes are a little harder to come by elsewhere in the world and brunettes are much more common, and in Sussex too. However, there is nothing common about the brunette escorts you see on this page. Not only are they all fabulously gorgeous to look at, they’re also bright, talkative and interested in seeing you. How often do you get the chance to choose a wonderful young brunette escorts from a page full of them, all eager to please and waiting for your call?

Just because there are more brunettes in the world, doesn’t make them any less desirable. It’s all down to how they handle themselves, and with our girls you can get the best of the best every time. We are very choosy about who we represent here at Escorts Sussex, and we won’t just throw up a profile for any girl that applies to the agency. They apply to us from all over the world, including east and west Europe, Russia and South America.

Whether you’re into Latin girls or east European girls, they all share several things in common besides their hair colour. They all love their career and they are all looking to spend the evening (even if only for an hour) with a gentleman just like yourself. So, book one of these marvellous girls, take them to dinner or have drinks, and then spend the rest of the evening talking into the small hours. Do whatever you do to have a great time!


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