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Best 3 Tips for a Better 69

Sometimes you have to give a little to get a bit more -This best explains why there are 69 fans in the bedroom. In this intimate relationship, we can continue to provide our partners with oral pleasure without sacrificing time.

Despite its popularity, many people are still embarrassed by this sexual position. On the first look, the actual situation can be strange (even though they make it look easy in pornography). Some people find themselves overwhelmed by the verbal stimuli they receive to do the task at hand and vice versa.

Regardless of the challenges you face, any position that allows you and your partner to unite in perfect verbal harmony is worth the ideal time. If you are finding it takes a long time between you and your satisfaction, then it’s time to reconsider your positions/methods during 69. There is no better day than today to advance your double stimulation game! Here are three strategies to increase your happiness at 69.

1. Choose your position for a better 69.

There are some different ways to have 69, but the most common version involves level buildup. This arrangement often works for both parties.

If you are on top, this means that your arms and legs support your weight, while your mouth and tongue are excessive to provide the necessary stimulation. (People with weak limbs should avoid being on top.) Meanwhile, ultimately, the person at the bottom uses his hands and arms, but his face is busy providing pleasure. In theory, this might sound like a good thing unless claustrophobia enters.

An easy way to do this is a simple roll. With your partner, tilt your head to your feet and do the same to them. Make the triangle point to the ceiling of your knee, bend your upper leg, and use your elbows to prop your feet flat on the bed and then take it until you can’t find the correct leveling. This change reduces the stress of sustaining yourself and helps you to focus and calm all your attention. Also, this frees up your hands to help your partner do more.

2. Make the most of your hands.

Don’t let the term “oral sex” fool you. An amazing verbal trick is to use all the tools you want. This means using your lips, tongue, and of course, your hands. Using your hands gives your mouth a much-needed rest and provides extra stimulation to send your partner to the edge.

During the blow job, use one hand to insert the shaft of your partner’s penis as you move the most sensitive part, yes, the head through your mouth. To improve your cupping skills, gentle massage his balls while your tongue takes care of him. With your palm facing up, use the “Come Here” motion with your digits to stimulate the g-spot (usually about two inches above the vaginal wall). ۔ When you move it with your fingers, try to match the rhythm with your tongue’s movements, which can produce sharp and explosive content.

And speaking of tools, make manual stimulation hotter by wrapping your fingers around the toy. You and your lover can simultaneously track their hands on each other’s bodies, or apply stimulation directly to their most sensitive areas. However, subtle vibrations will take your experience to the next level.

3. Make it extra wet.

Anyone who says, “Voters are better” might do it. Are talking about the benefits of lubricants. Whether you use it during sex or masturbation, oils reduce friction, increase sexual pleasure, and increase the likelihood of orgasm. And now there is another reason to reach this lubricant: to increase a better 69!

If oral delivery isn’t your favorite entertainment or you want to make it a little more fun, try a good lubricant. This brings excitement to your routine oral routine. They can taste better or provide different sensations that make everything feel better.

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