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 It might be not yet part of polite conversation, anal sex isn’t all that taboo anymore. According to one national survey, anal—in its many forms—is rising in popularity among couples of all kinds. Coming down to the current day and age, the stigma of anal sex is plummeting at a fairly steady rate. However, there are still a lot of areas remaining untouched with regards to the accurate knowledge and biology behind the whole process and what safety measures need to be followed while getting down with your kinks.

Not everyone have tried and liked it, but most people who have never dabbled in anal might wonder why it feels good. And if you’re deep down curious to try,

The following are the 8 good tips and tricks to do anal sex according to Sussex Escorts Agency


This is not a statement about whether or not people should have anal sex with casual partners. What matters is that there is a solid level of trust. Anal is different from vaginal intercourse and these differences often require some added communication and consideration. As with all sex, this talk doesn’t have to be clinical—reassuring touches often suffice—but for effective communication, you do have to trust each other.


When it comes to anal sex, people worry about getting feces on them. Before you even think about it, head to the bathroom to empty your bowels. This is a must to make you less worried that you’re not clean down there. It also makes the sex feel more comfortable.

In addition to using mild soap and water to clean the area, you might also want to use your fingers to get any debris out of your butt just to make sure there’s no residue that could end up on the condom.

For those who are still unsure, water enemas are an option (avoid castor oil because it can make a mess). Uses of dental dams, gloves, and condoms are also common. The bigger concern—for women—should be the potential transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina. If you are switching in that order, change condoms.


Not just a dab before you start, but tons of the stuff, and you have to keep applying it throughout sex so that you keep things feeling comfortable while preventing anal tears.

It’s a good idea to experiment with different lubes to see which one feels good. Remember; the anal region is different from the vagina as it doesn’t self-lubricate at all. Choose a lubricant that’s thicker so that it will last longer and natural (we recommend a silicone based) so that it doesn’t cause irritation. Avoid using numbing or desensitizing lubes to remove any painful sensations you will experience during anal. Since the pain is a sign that something’s wrong and should make you stop or slow down.


Don’t ever think that anal sex is somehow safer than vaginal sex. You can still get STIs. Also since anal tissue is so delicate, sex could cause microscopic tears. If your partner’s not wearing a condom, bacteria could end up in these tears, contaminating your blood.


Anal sex is another category of sex where it’s advantageous to not be porn educated, where the pizza guy gets to the door and is in there in under two minutes. They don’t see the behind-the-scenes porn magic. The stretching. The getting-the-anus-ready-for-sex. The anus is a lot tighter than a vagina and doesn’t not lubricate naturally. Therefore, anal sex takes some time.


Again, anal sex is different from vaginal intercourse. Starting with a finger, oral-anal sex, or a slim sex toy can help things progress nicely. If you want to get anatomical about it, there are actually two sphincters in the anus and only one can be controlled voluntarily, the other only relaxes when the person relaxes. So how slow is slow? It depends but here is the answer a lot of people are looking for; if it’s penetrative sex with a penis, it’s going to take some time. It might happen in one night, and it could be a progression of a couple days.


Doggy-style is a favorite position for anal play, especially because it opens up the person who is receiving for easy access. Cowgirl is a smart choice if a woman is being penetrated because it gives her some control of the situation. Another option is for the receiver to lie down on the bed with their partner standing at the edge. Overall, the receiver should be relaxed, so they should avoid positions that cause their muscles to shake.


Many people like to use sex toys during anal play. A good starter toy would be one with slim design that will relax the anus. Make sure the toy has a flared base or is attached to someone. A base is key if you’re going to use a toy. You don’t want to be sex-sent-me-the-to-the-ER and have a lost object in your rectum.

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