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6 Best Places to Have Sex

6 Top Places to Have Sex

If you ever wonder what kind of places you will have great sex with the Sussex Escorts, here are 6 best places to try below:

The wilderness

Great outdoor sex is actually very liberating. Imagine for a moment that you are hiking to the woods and chilly enough that you need to find a. way to warm up. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’re headed off the main trail, using what nature intended (a tree, a boulder—go crazy).

The balcony

If you are a person who prefers indoors but still craves the thrill of having sex outside, look no further than your balcony! If you have a balcony with less space, you can store a few blankets and enjoy the fresh air. Or try leaning on the balcony while your partner is positioned behind you. You two want the view.

A sauna

Next time you both find yourself in gold, make things extra festive. If you have gold in your house (fortunately!), That’s easy; If you see them at the gym or health club, it can be a little difficult. Either way, you’ll never have a faster session (just make sure you don’t get too hot).


When you’re looking for a new sex adventure, don’t neglect the upholstered boards and chairs. They provide extra back support, and the low height (compared to the bed) allows for multiple positions. Try to stare at their laps, using a soft pillow as comfortable support for your needs. If the cushions don’t work together, your partner can lower you with a little effort and lift your knees slightly. When bouncing, try to hold your hand so that you learn more – this forms an anchor line causing heavy shooting and rolling.


There is something about being in the comfort of your own room (and bed) that allows you to relax and enjoy a moment. We’re all going to change a lot of things, but there’s no list of the best places to have sex without your lovely bedroom.

Your laundry room

It may sound weird at first, but the laundry room is a great place to get down and get dirty. There’s something about the machine’s height, and the vibration of the washer or dryer in the middle of the cycle makes for a sexy mix. If your height doesn’t match at all, try stepping on a stool to finish it.

You can also experiment sitting on a machine or lying down, or with your partner sitting on it with your legs around their waist. This basic yet very adventurous room is a great places for some naughty and steamy sex!

The bathroom

There are many possibilities, from sitting at the bathroom counter to pushing yourself against the bathroom wall. What’s most interesting about the bathroom action? A large mirror that lets you see. And then, of course, there’s sex in the shower: hot, wet, and driving you wild because the sound of running water (mostly) drowns out any sound. Leaning behind you, and your partner trying to get in from behind, this works well in the shower as you can rest your hands on your calves.

Helpful hint: Use a silicone-based lube any time you’re getting frisky in the water. Silicone lubes waterproof: You’ll need to rinse it off afterward with soap and water, but it won’t wash off until you’re done with it.

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