Women tend to pay so much attention to what they wear as a form to express themselves. The Escorts Sussex is filled with women who are brave in that, and it could be by having sexy attire. One of must-have items in the wardrobe is lingerie.

From top covered to see-through lace piece, in various fabrics including sensual silk, there are many options that will appeal to your taste. Also the selection of color that fits your skin tone to improve the looks. As example, light colors such blue and white do complement the tone of fair-skinned women. On the other hand, women with darker skin tone will rock black and red pieces.

Here’s 5 Great Type of Lingerie Recommendations from Sussex Escorts Agency only for you!

Babydoll Lingerie

Babydoll is quite like a strappy dress with matching panties. It comes with amazing features like lace details, gentle ruffles, silk ribbons and naughty straps which will give you an overall sexy appeal. You will find them in a variety of sizes and colors, which will make you feel pretty, and yet, still sexy. What makes this type of underwear even better is that it will flatter any body type. If you are looking for playful and classic lingerie, you should give this lingerie a try.

Night Gown and Short Nighty

This one is loose, comfortable, breathable and seductive. A long or short dress with deep necklines that may or may not lace feature is definitely should be in your . According to the experts, it will combine the beauty, charm and sexiness into your temptation efforts.

A Set of Short Nighty and Robe

When it comes to choosing a nighty and a robe, you’ll have plenty options to choose. Not only will it give you comfort, but its sleek satin and lace which is elegant plus sexy make a great addition to your nighttime lingerie choices.

Bralette and a Bikini Set

For bralettes, there are many options to choose from, including longline, neon, cage, designer, basic, and lace. These bralettes might be the latest trend in your collection as they are lacy non-wired bralettes that have well-defined demi-cups combined with sexy bikini pants that will add even more spice.


Since men like the aura the ambiguity, sexiness and design of fashionable thing will be able to magnetize your partner towards you. You can choose from various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs and you will also be able to pair them with any of the lingeries.


Want to add an extra va-va-voom to your wedding night? Wear this bustier lingerie style to accentuate your cleavage. A bustier is an extended top bra that usually covers all or most of the torso, although there are bustier bras that end well above the belly button. For an ultra-bridal look, go white and lacy. If you want to pump up of the sex appeal, go for the strapper style in black or red. Want some extra luxury? Try the garters attached, so that you can add thigh-high socks.

Crop-top Set with Shorts

If you are planning on having a chicer yet quite sexy look for your night, a satin set of crop-top and short is the right option. This breathable, comfortable, and sexy kind of lingere will make your best features stand out.

There’s a wide variety of sexy lingerie to choose. Whichever piece you pick better fit your personal taste. After all, confidence is the main that will be best fitting this, as much as the ladies in Sussex Escorts Agency have been comfortable in it.

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