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5 Best Sex Position to Burn Calories

5 Best Sex Position to Burn Calories

It’s common knowledge that sex is more enjoyable than hitting the sports arena, and there are many documented health benefits. But does sex really count as exercise?

Sexercise is the real deal, the more active you are, the better workout it’ll be. As for actual calories burnt, that’s debatable. If it’s a slow, romantic romp, it won’t be many. But if you’re going the distance for an hour or so, complete with plenty of twists and turns, you could potentially scorch a few hundred.

And if you’re one of the many that have trouble between the sheets, you might want to try Alfie’s Love Gel, proven to get things going as it boosts blood flow to the area whilst helping the user to achieve a more heightened sexual experience. And hush hush, we hear women buy this Love Gel in bulk, and for good reason, because we hear it actually works!

We’ve rounded up a few sex positions that will help keep the passion alive in the bedroom and target key muscle groups, and here are 5 Best Sex Position to Burn calories that will help you and your partner/our escorts models for having joyful-workout.


Sex standing up is not for the faint-hearted. It is the ultimate test of bum, thigh and calf strength. This is the perfect easy position because you don’t need a bed for it – and let’s face it, and also good for a quickies. Because you won’t be anywhere near the bed they started from. In a standing position, you can bend straight down and have your slide in your partner from behind.


This position forces you to turn on your triceps, shoulders and upper-back muscles, because you have to use your arms to support yourself. You’ll also need to brace through your core. This position also give best penetrate to the G-Spot.


A Bed Room Yoga, you sit either cross-legged or with your legs out straight, and have her straddle you on top, wrapping her legs around your back and her arms around your neck. It’s an awkward position to get into, but worth the effort.


This help strengthen your butt, inner-thighs and core. To maintain a good rhythm you need to keep those muscles “on” to stop yourself collapsing into a hot, sweaty heap. While this position can also help your partner last longer (because you control this pace), it can also be a great quick alternative for women. If you are in a hurry, you should quickly sit on top of your partner on the toilet seat would be great. You have to face some distance from your partner because when you go up and down, your partner will receive a solid, intense stimulation on the bottom, while grinding against them will cause serious clitoral action.


In this variation of plank style will stretch your hamstring, arches of your feet, and toes. You are bent over the arm of a sofa, so you can feel more relaxed, or push back into him, depending on what you prefer. Plus, your pelvis is raised slightly more in this position so the angle of penetration is subtly different. You get to play around with new sensations and decide what feels best. Because sometimes you don’t want to stare into your lover’s eyes.

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