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10 Top Sexual fantasies by Men and Women


Check out the ten most common misconceptions for women and men below, then tell us: Which of you is the most common?

Here are the ten most common fantasies for men and women, then maybe you need to try it yourself with Sussex Escorts.


For woman


  1. Romantic relationship

The most common fantasy for women? 92.2% agreed with the statement, “I want to feel romantic feelings during sex.” No real surprises there!


2. The right environment

86.4% of women agreed that “environment and place are important in my sexual fantasies.” Got it!


3.  Romantic place

Blame Hollywood for that! 98.4% of women said they imagined being “in a romantic place (like a deserted beach).”


4. An unusual place

If you imagine having sex in an unusual place (for example, at the office or in a public toilet!), You are not alone. This is normal for women; 81.7% of subjects admitted that it must have crossed their mind!


5. Participate in oral sex

78% is the percentage of women say they fantasize about “engaging in oral sex,” which means taking (or giving while receiving) because #6 is a little less common – but definitely, more specific!


6. Oral sex

In the stereotype, women are less interested in doing Felattio, but according to research, 72.1% said they actually imagined it, leading to a day about the act. This is technically quite “normal” to dream of.


7. Touched by him

71.4% of women said they imagined being manually stimulated by their partner; whatever you might call “basic” is what you might call a beautiful fear.


8. Touching him

68.1% of women think of manually stimulating their men! How generous!


9. Another man

Whether they were wholly misguided or not, 66.3% of women admitted that they imagined having sex with someone who was not their partner. But no, there is no celebrity like George Clooney; there is no “he knows!”


10. To dominate

Okay, so this result shows fifty colors! 0.6 out of … 6% of subjects stated that they imagined sexual dominance.


For men


  1. Romantic relationship

Believe it or not, men’s # 1 fantasy – 88.3% confessed – they enjoy romantic feelings during sex.


2. Participate in oral sex

“I once fantasized about participating in oral sex” (such as accepting it, likelihood, or retaliating) is another common fantasy for boys. 87.6% of them admitted to joining!


3. With two women

Women may not be surprised to hear that the three most popular male fantasies are having sex with two women. 84.5% of them love to dream of multiplying the day.


4. Another woman

On top of the list of men compared to women, 83.4% of boys said they imagined having sex with someone they know who is not their partner. Eek!


5. An unusual place

82.3% of men imagine doing something in an “out of the ordinary” like their office. What a move!


6. Watching two women

Turns out, sometimes they don’t have to think about pairing up with two girls; they want to see! This is a fantasy for 82.1% of boys.


7. The right atmosphere

81.2% of men agree with the statement, “atmosphere and position are important in my sexual perception,” so it’s widespread for them too!


   8. Give her a ‘facial.’

Okay, so we already know it’s masculine, but now we know how common it is. 80.4% of boys said they imagined ejaculation from their partner.


9. Romantic place

So she’s chosen by men, even though she’s slightly down on the list. 78.4% of people consider sex in a “romantic place,” which makes it the “normal,” though not typical, boys’ dream.


10. Oral sex

The bad news: It’s definitely not their absolute favorite because it’s at # 10. The good news: 78.1% of boys imagine girls falling.


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